What is an escape room

An escape room is an experience you live with your friends or relatives, for increase fellowship and team spirit. In fact, a escape room is a game where to win and solve all the puzzles you need to collaborate and look for solutions all together.

To experience a escape room, simply choose a level of game, called room, call your friends or relatives to play with, enter the room and try to exit by the end of time.

For every room of the escape room there is a story or a guiding thread that binds among them all the puzzles that you will have to solve... but eye you won't have all the time you want, to come out victorious in fact you will have to collaborate and complete the level within the 60 minutes.

Enter our escape room, try to get out of the room before the bill reverses of zeroes. But be careful not to deceive yourself, many have tried and... few have succeeded.

The escape room is aimed at fans of challenges that are not easy to solve and without shortcuts, but that uses only his own abilities and those of his teammates.

It is suitable for family and friends who want to spend a different and fun evening or simply to celebrate a day of celebration all together in a mysterious way, but also to the future spouses for parties hen and celibacy. We offer our rooms also for activities; of team building to refine i methods of collaboration and communication.


How does an escape room work?

The game consists of rummaging and looking everywhere but without breaking or breaking anything: is a game where it is not necessary to use force.

Instead, it is very important to use logic and imagination. Inside the room it is not possible bring electronic equipment, including cell phones; the only tool allowed it's your brain. During the game it is possible to ask the organizers some aid, but abused, their number is limited.

Ask them only if necessary. The room is under video surveillance. The staff will monitor what you do to help you in difficult times.

The simplified operation of an Escape Room is as follows: locked up in one room with your team, you look for clues and keys for the different locks and the escape takes place before time runs out.

In detail, each Escape Room has different puzzles, some of which are possible resolve consequentially, others that contribute to the opening of the door.

According to the logic of the treasure hunt, it is necessary to open the door following a pre-established path leading to a final solution.

For example, to open a lock you need to find the key inside one treasure chest closed by combination. To find the combination, however, it is necessary to resolve a puzzle or open a magic box.

For this reason, escape rooms are identified as interactive adventures, where the solution is revealed as different actions are taken.

In some cases it will be necessary to find different keys and some combinations to open the door and escape; in others being able to solve an enigma will lead to finding directly one of the keys useful to open one of the locks, while for other locks it will be necessary find a solution to consequential puzzles.


How to prepare for an escape room?

No special preparation is required and everyone can participate in a session in an Escape Room, but surely there are some aspects to consider for make the game smoother and to escape more easily.

Once the team is formed, a name will be chosen that will make it unique and special. Furthermore, to solve the game of a Escape Room, groups or players will never be joined after the game has started: the original team starts the game he will have to rely solely on his internal strengths.

Keeping in mind that the proposed escape game with escape rooms is a real-time gaming, it will be useful to fulfill all the vicissitudes and needs before entering the room and closing the door!

A comfortable dress and practical shoes are certainly a sensible choice when you participate in a session in an Escape Room that is accessed for the first time e of which no questions and riddles are known. In some cases it will indeed be necessary kneel or squirm to see things from a different point of view, while in others it will be necessary to run from one side to the other of the room in function of the riddles of the Escape Room specification.

Define roles within the group based on how many and which people will be part of the team that will enter an Escape Room can be useful so that each of the participants perform the task best suited to their abilities: a person more capable for logic games it will take less time to solve a riddle, while a candidate with a more mathematical mind, you can solve number-based puzzles faster.

To coordinate the participants among them it is appropriate to define a team leader, who organize the work of the team, collect the clues and possible solutions and, if so, handle any disputes in the bud that would waste time at all the team, planning a possible game strategy before crossing the threshold. The more prepared and coordinated, the less the "stress from time" component will affect the resolution of the different mysteries that will meet inside the room.

Within an Escape Room you can't bring tools and you can use them only the material that is inside it (avoiding improper use). In order not to spoil the game for those who come after us it is not possible to bring camcorders or cameras (of any kind) and no aid can be exploited from outside, except those provided by the operator who will attend the session of play (disqualification penalty); for this reason it is not possible to introduce into the room no type of computer device, such as smartphones or laptops.


How is an escape room born?

The tendency of our time seems to be to dematerialize and make virtual the most processes to save time and resources and earn in terms however, sometimes it is surprising to realize that the opposite also happens in the early 2000s there was a very successful video game within a virtual room it was necessary to collect objects and clues to solve the various sequences so as to be able to escape the so-called escape game against the interest of the public of all ages within a few years in Japan and the United States in the in California, the first attempts were made to translate the dynamics of the virtual game in reality.

More than 3000 Real Life Escape Rooms more simply in the last 15 years those known as Escape Rooms have been opened worldwide that in the videogame were subjects hidden in its analogical or physical version they become enigmas to be interpreted and solved in order to find combinations that allow you to open padlocks and progress through the game.

As has happened in other sectors too, Italy has been one of the last countries in Europe where an Escape Room was built. In 2015, first in Turin and then in Milan. The Mystery House was the second Escape Room opened in Italy.

Mystery House was born from the double experience of museum fitters and enthusiasts of puzzles games. We are not a franchaising you will find games absolutely originals that others do not have.

Our games are made from the culture of our city: our escape rooms take up the themes of our great museums the Escape room The secret of the Pharaoh is the perfect continuation of the visit to the Egyptian Museum... and the Escape Room La Bomba and the spy... tells a related story to the History of the Cinema of Turin... not to mention the Dark Side... Treasure Hunt born among the magical streets of our city.

Our escape rooms are among the largest because it is possible to play up to 10 people that can turn comfortably inside the rooms in historically well-kept areas and with one particular attention to the choice of puzzles to be solved in such a way that everyone, within the team they can be useful and contribute to the solution of the challenge.