What is an escape room?

An escape room is an experience you live with your friends or relatives, for increase fellowship and team spirit. In fact, a escape room is a game where to win and solve all the puzzles you need to collaborate and look for solutions all together.

To experience a escape room, simply choose a level of game, called room, call your friends or relatives to play with, enter the room and try to exit by the end of time.

For every room of the escape room there is a story or a guiding thread that binds among them all the puzzles that you will have to solve... but eye you won't have all the time you want, to come out victorious in fact you will have to collaborate and complete the level within the 60 minutes.

Enter our escape room, try to get out of the room before the bill reverses of zeroes. But be careful not to deceive yourself, many have tried and... few have succeeded.

The escape room is aimed at fans of challenges that are not easy to solve and without shortcuts, but that uses only his own abilities and those of his teammates.

It is suitable for family and friends who want to spend a different and fun evening or simply to celebrate a day of celebration all together in a mysterious way, but also to the future spouses for parties hen and celibacy. We offer our rooms also for activities; of team building to refine i methods of collaboration and communication.