Treasure hunt: 1st episode "IL LATO OSCURO"
Break down the boundaries, enter into a real one URBAN ESCAPE GAME

Why stop at a room when you can have a whole city? With the Urban Escape Game THE DARK SIDE, physical spaces are broken down to immerse themselves in the beating heart of Turin the Magical city. The game winds through the streets and the Palaces of the center in search of a story that is not so long ago: a real Treasure Hunt.

1st episode: "IL LATO OSCURO"
Taken from legends and real events

Sometimes the fantasy surpasses reality, the opposite is the case here. It is the reality that goes beyond the imagination. A man loses a diary... it took his whole life to write it, on this diary there is the way to understand the dark side of this city. If you open the Diary... Turin will never be the same for you...

Yes, because magic in Turin is not a game... it is carved in the facades of buildings, in monuments, in fountains... just look up.

This Urban Escape Game is a different way of looking at the city, its history, architecture... and its traditions. An opportunity to experience Turin as a tourist while living in it.

But it is not necessary to be from Turin to play this treasure hunt... Indeed. The dark side is a fun way to discover a city with a guide the exception... a lost Diary


Escape room "Treasure hunt" is indicated:

Do you want to spend a different evening, in a fun and original way? Have you ever thought about celebrating your birthday in a logic challenge or your bachelorette party or celibacy in our "Treasure hunt" escape room? Special moments need special places, have you ever dreamed of finding your gift as a solution to an enigma? But the "Treasure hunt" escape room can become a great way to do team work, collaborate and help each other, Team building!

1st episode: "IL LATO OSCURO"
Information on the treasure hunt

This treasure hunt takes place over a distance of about 1.5 km.

Each team can be formed by a maximum of 7 players, if you were more you can train two or more teams that play simultaneously... challenging each other. The maximum number of teams that can play simultaneously is 5 for a total of 35 players. (For team building activities it is possible to change the maximum number of players).

To best prepare for this game you will need to have:

  • Have your mobile phone with the battery 100% charged with (at least one per component).
  • Have at least 10 MB (0.01 GB) of internet traffic available.
  • GPS (geolocation) active on your device.
  • Whatsapp installed on your device.
  • A pair of comfortable shoes.
  • Save the following address to play:

This game can NOT be booked online. To check availability and book the Urban Escape Game "Il lato oscuro" you need to contact us.