Business training
The Escape Room has become a classic training tool

Activity within the Mystery House Escape Room facilitates learning, communication and relationships within Organizations.

With first-hand experiences, the participants feel emotions that through easy reflection are able to conceptualize and then experiment in their personal and professional life.

Through this type of Experiential Training we make your corporate event unique and exciting, be it a course, a convention, an incentive, a team building or a business meeting, turning it into an opportunity for growth for your resources.

Experiential education nurtures the ability to reflect and strengthens readiness for learning. Because the adult learning process takes place through doing.

Why can it be of interest to companies?

  • Because it is a smart, fun, very structured learning tool that is also very flexible
  • Because it allows to analyze different organizational behaviors such as communication, intra-group collaboration, time management, creativity and intuition, observation capacity, reactivity to the unexpected and to unknown elements
  • Because it is possible to imagine its use also aimed at the selection of new resources and the enhancement of already existing resources with the identification of areas for improvement and development paths
  • Because, due to the availability of three different rooms within the same structure, it is possible to put into practice a test-retest process based on learning and on the choices of improvement deriving from the experience
  • Because it is possible to insert elements of competitiveness, given that the Mystery House structure allows up to 24 people to play in parallel
  • Because Mystery House also has adequate space for briefing and debriefing

Our participation in conferences on the use of the Escape Room in education. Download pdf