Team building and company events

Mystery House Escape Rooms is an effective tool to make a group of people interact in a fun way in order to improve their ability to work in a team.

By solving a series of puzzles together, the team will be able to pass the test and leave the room in time, thus creating a cohesive relationship between colleagues. The themes of our rooms have been designed to encourage teamwork, the ingenuity of each player, the emergence of a leading leader and develop critical thinking.

Whether it's escaping contamination, finding Tutankamen's amulet or preventing a spy from triggering a bomb, participants have only an hour to complete the mission.

The team must therefore focus on the objective of the game and work together to finish the test in the pre-established time. Only by joining forces, making the most of everyone's skills and working as a team, will the group succeed in winning the challenge.

Team building helps to develop a team, significantly improves communication between company staff and strengthens relationships between colleagues. It's a perfect way to create a climate of collaboration and improve the efficiency of teamwork.

Colleagues are called together to work together to solve the puzzles that hide our escape rooms in order to get out within a given time. Escape rooms allow members of a group to think creatively because they face different challenges during the game.

In our Escape Room there is the possibility of hosting large team building events, in fact we have 4 rooms available in which up to 35 players can participate.

Are you more than 35 players? With our mobile escape room we can involve up to 100 players simultaneously.

escape room mystery house Team building
escape room mystery house Team building
escape room mystery house Team building
escape room mystery house Team building
escape room mystery house Team building

Company event
Make your product known with fun

Our Mobile Escape Room at home can involve up to 60 players per game turn. Depending on the needs, it can be customized both in the brand and in the contents to make the event unique and in line with your communication needs.

Create an immersive experience to show to your customers or your collaborators for the launch of a new product, with the mobile escape room it will surely become an unforgettable moment on the part of your plate linked to a fun and pleasant memory.

The mobile escape room can not only be transported where you want it, but also customizable, it becomes a unique tool capable of making a huge lever to highlight specific brands or products to be launched on the market, to ensure that consumers remember it with greater emphasis or even for the launch of a new product.

Meeting the needs of a contemporary consumer who increasingly needs to interact with the product and feel an integral part of the market, the mobile escape room becomes the key needed to bring the license plate into our world, rather than us entering with impetus in his world. The public needs not to feel like a spectator but the director of their own choices.