Escape Room For boys and children
Escape Room for boys what is that?

It's a role-playing game, a challenge with proofs of intelligence and intuition, a treasure hunt full of puzzles, puzles and something to discover. It is played in the warehouse of a famous archaeologist. Sarcophagi, golden papyrus scarabs and mysterious scriptures... or in the Smuk laboratory to try to escape from a super contagious virus and free the city from the danger of the end ... in short, fun is guaranteed.

Escape Room for children. For what age?
From 8 years upwards. The younger brothers can participate as a group mascot.

Escape Room for children What do you do?
Everywhere you search, you look for clues and solve puzzles.

Escape Room for kids when you can play?
It is possible to book an Escape Room for Children every day of the week... but the earlier you book the better ... our Saturdays are often booked well in advance.

Only the boys?
Yes, the game is designed because children, followed by an animator, can play even without an adult.

And the snack?
In addition to the game rooms, we can provide a buffet room with tables and chairs for cutting the cake and opening gifts. In this room the adults can chat and wait for the kids to finish playing and then have a snack together.

Escape Room for children. How long does it last?
The game including explanation lasts about an hour and a half, the use of the buffet room is scheduled for one hour... so if the game is joined the snack the whole party will last about two and a half hours.

Escape Room for Children How much does it cost?
The cost of renting the 3 rooms exclusively for a maximum of 28 children is €350.00. If the number of guests is less it is possible to rent only one or two of the 3 room escaper. The rental of the buffet room has a cost of €50.00.